Rosslyn Chapel and Secrets of The Da Vinci Code

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland
Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

A few days ago we made a trip to the town of Roslin to view its famous landmark, the Rosslyn Chapel. It was made more famous by Dan Browns book- The Da Vinci Code and movie of the same name starring Tom Hanks. if you recall it was the locale for the scene of the climactic ending as Sophie Neveu and Robert Langdon race from London to Roslin, chased by the French police and Catholic zealots. They are on the brink of exposing a 2000-year conspiracy to rid evidence that Christ had children and Sophie was one of those decedents. They discover that the Holy Grail itself once resided in Rosslyn brought by the Templars many centuries ago but has since vanished.

The Chapel’s actual history and famous mythology was the motivation for the books climactic ending.  According to legend a treasure is still stowed deep in a vault below the chapel, brought by the Knights Templar with the entrance still sealed off by a stone wall.  Myth has the treasure being the Holy Grail, sacred scrolls from the time of Christ, a fragment of the cross on which he died, secretly moved out of the Holy Land as the Templars fled prosecution 700 years ago.

The Chapel is very Gothic in style with its pinnacles and flying buttresses supporting the chapels transepts and nave (art history classes finally come useful). It’s very ornate and different from other churches we’ve seen around Scotland with symbolism in every stone detail.

Roslin Castle Grounds, Scotland
Roslin Castle Grounds, Scotland

Below the Chapel is a beautiful park area where we explored the ruined structures of Roslin Castle.  Part of the Castle is used as a rent-able tourist residence; I think it would be an amazing experience to spend a night here but maybe a bit spooky.  The other half is abandoned and in ruin with remnants of the castle walls and structures throughout the grounds.

Atmosphere was in ample supply throughout the Chapel and grounds making for a memorable experience.

We have no inside photos as they weren’t allowed but here is a link to the photo gallery of the grounds and outside the chapel. If you’re interested in seeing the inside.just do a Google photos search.


  • Ada

    October 27, 2016 at 4:14 am Reply

    That looks lovely !! thank you for sharing ! adding to my list !

    • Mark

      October 29, 2016 at 8:06 am Reply

      Hi Ada, Thanks for the note. Rosslyn didn’t disappoint, the whole place had a real aura!

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