An outing to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow University and DT

One of the top tourist destinations in Glasgow is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Museum and Park. Situated on the northwest end of town on Argyle street by the banks of the River Kelvin it is the most popular ‘free to enter’ visitor attraction in Scotland.  The museum opened in 1901 as the Palace for Fine Arts for the Glasgow International Exhibition held that year. It is built in a Spanish Baroque style in the local red bricks, a magnificent building with a grand pipe organ occupying the heart of the museum in its grand hall which is played daily at 1pm.

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A day on the Isle of Arran

If  you’re in Glasgow and looking for a day trip out to the Scottish Countryside a great option is the Isle of Arran down south. The island is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, often the locals travel here for the day to hike its many trails or ‘walk the hills’ as they say..  If we had more time, I’d be planning some hikes here. The island is divided by the Highland fault line that runs right threw, separating the mountainous north end to the lush pastures of the south and making for some diverse terrain.  Cycling also seems to be very popular here as many cyclists had transported their bikes onto the ferry and were seen about the island.  We also saw lots of sailboaters and kayakers playing in the bay.

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Supernatural Travel Encounters


El Convento, Old San Juan
The Hotel El Convento in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico




My experience with the ghosts of Hotel El Convento

In 2010 while on vacation in Puerto Rico I had an experience that shook me to the core and I’m going to tell you about it.  I haven’t shared this story much; I don’t know why it was hard to verbalize. Many of you might think I’m off my rocker, I am hesitant but at the same time feel compelled to tell this story. I don’t know if it was supernatural or maybe my subconscious reconciling the day’s experiences but whatever it was it spooked me and at the same time had me vibrating with excitement.

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Learning Italian or Another Language

Learning Italian
The tools to learn Italian

Why I decided to learn Italian and how to learn another language

Learning another language as I found out requires a lot of determination, some people have a natural affinity for picking up languages but I found out I don’t!

In June of 2007 for our 20th anniversary Janet and I, along with my cousin and her husband went on a 16-day cruise vacation through Europe.  It began with three days in Rome and ended with a few days in Venice.  Prior to departing for our cruise I had decided to take a course on the Italian language.

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Psychology of Travel

Travel Stress Mess
Travel Stress Mess

OMG, yesterday was the one-month countdown to our trip and excitement isn’t what we’re feeling right now!

All of a sudden the reality of a year away is sinking in and we’re feeling stressed, a high level of anxiety, we’re short tempered and mix that with a little excitement we’re powder kegs of emotions- not how we thought we’d be feeling.  My brain doesn’t focus either. Yesterday I went to the bank to make a deposit, got a receipt and walked away.  I got to my truck and just happened to take another look at my wallet, something was missing.  Shit, I left my debit card in the machine.  I ran back to the ATM and it was still open- ‘would you like to make another transaction?’  Thank god I didn’t drive off, someone could have cleaned out my account.

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The Schengen Visa and how long you can travel visa free in Europe

Mykonos, Greece
The windmills at Mykonos, Greece

How Long can you travel in Europe or the Schengen zone visa Free?

What is a Schengen Visa?  Many people have asked after hearing about our application to remain in Italy for a period beyond the allowed 90 day stay.  Most had never heard of Schengen before and commented ‘how would they know’, ‘maybe you are being too diligent at following the rules’, ‘I never heard of that before’ and asked ‘what could happen if you stayed longer’?  Well, big brother knows all and you don’t want to mess around, here’s why;

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