Calgary Stampede 2016 Chuckwagon Races and Grandstand Show

Midway at the Stampede
The Stampede Grounds and Midway.
Chuckwagon Races
Chucks at the Calgary Stampede

One of central attractions of the Calgary Stampede are the nightly Chuckwagon races and Grandstand show, with one ticket you get this doubleheader including admission to the park. The evening officially starts at 7:45pm with the blast of a klaxon, kicking off the GMC Rangeland Derby that features nine heats of four chuckwagon teams.  Pick your favorite team and join the crowd in cheering on the competitors!  When the last Chuck thunders across the finish line the stage is set for the Grandstand show.  The show features the Young Canadians dancing and singing to a different theme each year.  This years theme is a salute to Guy Weadick, the founding father of the Calgary Stampede.

The Young Canadians bring to life a story that entertains through precise choreography and vocal talent.  It all takes place on an engineering marvel of a stage that combines waterworks, flames, fireworks and digital effects.  In addition there is a smörgåsbord of international talent combined into the production.  You’ll be tantalized by a slack wire act, amazed by daredevil high-flying motorcycle stunts, wowed by gravity-defying acrobats and on the edge of your seat by a tightrope on fire!

The whole evening is capped off by a pyrotechnic display of over a 1000 Ibs of multicolored fireworks that explode high above the grounds. The crowds then flow out onto the midway for the last hour of stampeding before closing for the night. It was a great evening at The Calgary Stampede!

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